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JWS Refrigeration and Air Conditioning first open its door for business in 1972 with a Service department headed and staffed by John W Scragg and a handful of technicians and office personal.     It was quite literally what would be considered a very “small business” operation. Despite the company’s small stature at the time, Mr. Scragg made it his sole mission to become Guam’s go to company for the best air conditioning and refrigeration service.  As his customer base grew he knew he had the opportunity to not only provide great service but also provide great products and so came the establishment of a Sales department.

In 1978 JWs became incorporated. The following year JWS began to pick up all inclusive mechanical projects and he felt a need for a Mechanical Construction Department. This department provided complete Mechanical Services including but not limited to the installation of air conditioning, refrigeration, boilers, cooling towers, pump system, fire suppression system. They also do complete metal and duct fabrication. Todays as we move into ever improving technology this Department has grown to include Building Management Systems (BMS) with DDC and Electronic Controls, Variable Speed Drives, Computer based Controls and Monitoring Systems and Energy Studies for Mechanical Systems.

As the company rolled into the 80’s, Mr. Scragg felt that the next step would be to increase the Sales Department to include Hotel and Restaurant Food Service Equipment and Supplies. The Service Department was already servicing many of the Islands Hotels and Restaurant air conditioning units systems, refrigeration units, ice machines and cooking equipment so the opportunity to add new Food Service Equipment to the Sales department was a perfect match and the Hotel and Restaurant Equipment/Supplies Department was established.

As the Company grew along with Guam’s economy, businesses became increasingly aware of the need to be more competitive. Customers we served would come to us and ask for our advice on how to become more energy efficient so they could reduce a bit of their overhead. One perfect match with our industry was “heat recovery”, using air conditioning to produce hot water.  We were the first to introduce heat recovery into Guam. That focus on energy efficient products had led to the introduction of some the most energy efficient air conditioners with 2 stage, inverter and oil less compressors. JWs now carries some of the highest EER and SEER rated equipment, the best KW/Ton, IPLV  rated equipment and  Energy Star rated equipment on the market.

In 1993, after many years of extending our services and sales to our neighbor up north in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI), Mr. Scragg decided it was time to open an office in the CNMI’s capital island of Saipan. So in June of that year JWS Air Conditioning and Refrigeration was established in Saipan. Much like the Guam Business, JWS in Saipan started small but has grown into a leading Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Mechanical Contracting and Food Service Equipment/Supplies in the CNMI.

Many years ago JWS adopted the logo of “Serving the Pacific” and although we only have offices in Guam and Saipan it would not be uncommon to find sales and service personal traveling throughout the western pacific islands including the Marshalls, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau to provide customers our professional service and quality products.

JWS has enjoyed over 40 years of business in Guam and 20 years of business in the CNMI and over all that time we strived to provide the best service, provide best products and provide the best results in everything we do.

To all of our private, public and military customers in Guam and the CNMI and throughout the Pacific, we are here to serve you and are proud to say “Serving the Pacific”.

Commercial Refrigeration and Food Service Equipment

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